(1) Business Philosophy

Rich Company Limited was established in 1995. The founder focuses on providing various special screws, depending on what customers need. Since enthusiasm is the target concept of our company, the products that customers order will absolutely be fulfilled. No matter the quality of products and requirements from customers, all production will be delivered on time.
We expect to expand our market worldwide. Fastener can apply to all industries widely, such as architecture, aviation and medical equipment. The fastener is the foundation of construction. There will not be good constructions and equipments without it. How to manufacture high quality fastener is the most significant duty for a production plant. Our goal is to keep developing all kind of materials and end items

(2) Company Structure

Rich's factories cover an area of 1000 square meters, having 50 employees. Annual production value is 3million 5 hundred thousand dollars. And our new plants will be enlarged more 1000 square meters than before.

(3) Future Global Assessment of Your Product On the Market

Europe's debt crisis hits global economy recently which affects tardy economic recovery in American market. Also, Greece is planning to withdraw from EU. It causes more serious financial crisis compared to 2008. The confidence of buyers' is shattered. Buyers are not willing to stock goods and shorten the delivery time, emerging the rush order. That is not a good thing for manufacturers.

(4) Current Sales and Future Sales Goals

All Rich products are not for standard sizes and mass productions, but for customization. Therefore, we're not able to take the order of mass productions.

(5) Current Customer Service and Future Customer Service Goals

Our products include special screws, nuts, rivets and CNC turning parts. In addition to researching and developing all kind of products, Rich expects to manufacture hi-end product for all industries and meets customers' demands.

RICH COMPANY LIMITED,No. 160, Ln. 701, Sec. 1, Xiandong Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County , Taiwan (R.O.C.) 10461, +886-47620816
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